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Unisearch India has since gotten to be a world pioneer in the advancement of gas estimation innovation based on Tunable Diode Laser Assimilation Spectroscopy (TDLAS). We made and licensed our to begin with instrument, the high-sensitivity (sub-ppbv) Luminox NO2 monitor, for commercial utilization for a long time after our foundation. A few hundred units were sold earlier to our divestiture of the innovation in 2005, taking after a alter in the company’s center to optical items and their applications. We are presently committed to enhancing Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Differential Optical Retention Spectroscopy (DOAS) technologies for gas outflows observing over a wide run of businesses. Applications of these advances include process control and administrative estimation.


Our Products

LasIR Gas Analyzer

LasIRTM Laser-based In-situ Gas Monitor For US-EPA (PS-18) & TÜV Compliance (EU-EN 14181), Process Monitoring. continuous monitor designed to measure flue gases for both compliance and process monitoring.

LasIR Portable Gas Analyzer

This for Emissions Monitoring Allows for real-time measurement of target gases in a compact, weather-resistant design suitable for open-path and ambient-air monitoring.

DOAS Gas Analyzer

Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy or DOAS, is based on the principle of measuring the differential absorption of the incoming signal in the wavelength region of interest after it has passed through a gas medium.




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Power & Energy

NH3 Monitoring of this gas is essential in coal-fired power plants, where NH3 is used to reduce NOx emissions in both (SCR) and (SNCR) configurations.


NH3 Gas leaks from urea tower to ensure the safety of production facility workers, as well as monitor very high concentration of NH3 for process control.


Chemical fabricating companies require a implies of keeping track of their outflows, as operations inside this industry deliver a wide assortment of gases.


Hydrogen Flouride gas must be monitored in aluminium smelters for both the safety of workers and to limit facility emission..


Continous Monitoring Of Gases emitted at airports is essential for ensuring the safety of airport staff and travellers.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We offer gas outflows estimation innovation reasonable for oil refinery and normal gas applications. Compact and simple to install.