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LasIR Gas Analyzer

Rackmount Gas Analyzer

LasIRTM Laser-based In-situ Gas Monitor For US-EPA (PS-18) & TÜV Compliance (EU-EN 14181), Process Monitoring


Unisearch LasIRTM Gas Analyzer could be a nonstop screen outlined to degree vent gasses for both compliances and handle observing. The Controller employments a near-infrared (NIR) Tunable Diode Laser Retention Spectrometer Framework utilizing a single-mode laser mounted in a thermoelectric cooler for fantastic precision and execution. Since the unearthly virtue of the laser is tall and the chosen retention include is one of a kind, estimations can be made free of interferer from any other gas. The estimations are made in‐situ over the stack or conduit in either a single or double pass plan (depending upon the application). A Windows-based program bundle shows the information on either a Have portable workstation PC or the client’s existing information securing framework.

Features & Benefits

  • TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) technology for unmatched accuracy & reliability
  • High sensitivity ppb to percent level measurements
  • One analyzer can be used for up to 16 measurements points
  • Performance designed Process Monitor
  • In-situ: Gas sampling/conditioning not required
  • Corrosive/toxic applications
  • Inline/Offline Audit option available
  • Calibration not required
  • Exceeds US-EPA CEMS Regulation requirements
  • MACT & MATS ‐ PS‐18 Compliant
  • Boiler MACT O2 and CO Compliance
  • Approved Zero & Span Calibration checks
  • Extremely Fast (<1 second) response time
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Ambient conditions from ‐40°C to 70°C
  • Operates in high dust/moisture applications
  • Unaffected by stack/duct alignment changes
  • Moisture can be added as a second channel for many species
  • Off Stack/Process extractive option
  • Hazardous Area Div I & II options
  • Laser located in controller allowing for simple signal control and diagnostic access
  • Multi-component​ measurements are available for certain species, i.e. CO/CO2, NH3​/HCN, CH4/C2H6​, H2S/CO2/H2​O

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Available Optional Accessories

Power Meter


The fiber/Coax power meter for measurement of laser power and signal return power.

External flow through the audit module to check the performance of the analyzer.

Select cell audit module to check the performance of the analyzer.