Unisearch India



Unisearch has been a trusted supplier of gas observing gear and related estimation administrations for numerous a long time. Our hardware has been utilized by administrative and mechanical bunches for measuring gasses of intrigued. These gasses incorporate methane, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and alkali. Our rebellious permits for exact estimation of gas concentrations, and the checking of these concentrations over time.


Our equipment is used to maintain facility gas emissions below a threshold. We offer continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) to businesses for analyzing their gas emissions to ensure compliance with industry standards. Long-term monitoring of gas output is necessary, as even minor changes in production processes will result in changes to the composition and individual species concentrations of gas emissions. 


Notable Gas Services

Own haze chamber estimations of hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde for the US Maritime Inquire about Laboratory.

  • NASA supported flying machine estimations of HNO3 and NO2 in Southern California.
  • Air Quality estimations of HNO3, NO2. HCHO, O3, Skillet within the California Bowl and in provincial Ontario.
  • Air quality estimations of HCHO and H2O2 within the Fantastic Canyon and free troposphere at the NOAA station on Manua Loa. 
  • Measurements of BETX outflows from steel smelters.
  • Agriculture Canada supported air ship estimations of CH4 fluxes in Southern Ontario. 
  • Real-time on-road vehicle outflows observing of NO, CO and CO2.
  • CF4 and C2F6 emissions measurements for aluminum smelters, which are responsible for 10% of the world’s aluminum production. Both tetrafluoromethane (CF4) and hexafluoroethane (C4F6) are potent greenhouse gases with atmospheric lifetimes that exceed 10,000 years.