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Unisearch India has since gotten to be a world pioneer in the advancement of gas estimation innovation based on Tunable Diode Laser Assimilation Spectroscopy (TDLAS). We made and licensed our to begin with instrument, the high-sensitivity (sub-ppbv) Luminox NO2 monitor, for commercial utilization for a long time after our foundation. A few hundred units were sold earlier to our divestiture of the innovation in 2005, taking after a alter in the company’s center to optical items and their applications. We are presently committed to enhancing Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Differential Optical Retention Spectroscopy (DOAS) technologies for gas outflows observing over a wide run of businesses. Applications of these advances include process control and administrative estimation.

Our group comprises establishment and benefits specialists who guarantee that any gear you’ve acquired from us works at crest efficiency. We moreover have a around the world arrange of specialized deals agents to reply to your request. Each part of our staff illustrates common regard, proficient conduct, and energy for brilliance. Their commitment to giving high-precision disobedient and quality benefits has made a difference in accomplishing our current position inside the industry.



We have a strong Research and Development team that strives to improve the precision and accuracy of our instruments.


Our monitoring equipment can detect and measure trace amounts of gases for emissions monitoring purposes.


Our instruments are used for the analysis of gas output to ensure compliance with industry standards and for informing reduction strategies.


Our products are built to effectively measure gases in harsh environments. They are made to last for continuous monitoring.

We presented our LasIR line of rebellious in 1994, which extended on our early mid-infrared TDL innovation to incorporate near-infrared spectroscopy. Our LasIR disobedient rapidly got to be the center items for Unisearch. Applications of these rebellious incorporate measuring discussing quality, fence-line checking, fire location, and nonstop outflows observing frameworks (CEMS). Our LasIR disobedient have been utilized in different industries—they have been introduced at over 800 locales and are being utilized at thousands of checking focuses around the world 1995, our company obtained progressed Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) innovation from Radian Organization and opened a plant in Austin, Texas. We created and introduced a number of FTIR frameworks, for fence-line checking and in-situ stack and extractive frameworks for CEMS and prepare control. We stripped our intrigue in our US operation within the early 2000s; the innovation was obtained by IMACC.


Our company started with a center on ask approximately and advancement to supply regulatory bodies, colleges and ask around teach with organizations and instruments for making talk about quality estimations. This instrument included extractive mid-infrared laser-based systems and novel ultra-high affectability chemiluminescence systems for the estimation of NO2, NO, O3, and Dish (peroxyacetyl nitrate). In extension to bargains of this equipment to distinctive organizations, our company took a portion in talking about quality considers in circumstances expanding from the exceedingly sullied Los Angeles bowl to the faultless beat of Mauna Loa (NOAA station in Hawaii). Towards the conclusion of the decade, our center moved to the advancement of advanced identifying systems for talking about quality and edge checking and in-situ instrumented for surges checking inside the aluminum, control, mining, and incineration businesses.