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DOAS Gas Analyzer

DOAS UV-based In-Situ Gas Monitor for Process Control, Compliance Monitoring.


Differential Optical Assimilation Spectroscopy or DOAS, is based on the rule of measuring the differential retention of the approaching flag within the wavelength locale of intrigued after it has passed through a gas medium. It employments a broadband light source and the estimation is made over an expansive wavelength run (like FTIR and NDIR, and unlike TDL which employments an awfully limited wavelength run). In common, the cover of retention highlights a few gasses watched. This requires the utilization of different relapse strategies of examination. The concentrations of gasses are calculated by comparing the assimilation signals with their put-away reference signals. As in any broadband measurement technique, impedance from other gasses must be taken under consideration and adjusted to improve the accuracy of estimation. This requires earlier information on the gas composition sometime recently the ultimate estimations can be made.

DOAS is capable of measuring more than one species that either absorbs in the same wavelength region (continuous monitoring of the species; e.g., NO, NH3, SO2 , etc.) or in different wavelength regions (time-shared monitoring of the species; e.g., NO, NO2, HCHO, etc.).

Unisearch as of now gives DOAS rebellious in two setups. An in-situ stack checking framework for utilize where tidy levels within the vent gas are moo and way length is no more noteworthy than some meters. The moment setup is an extractive framework that may be outlined to have an inner or outside stream through the gas cell, depending on the affectability required. In both cases, the analyzer is found near to or joined into the optical heads. Fiber optic coupled frameworks are conceivable, depending on the wavelength, which allows separation of the analyzer from the optics of up to some 10’s of meters.

Different natural and inorganic gasses can be measured with DOAS with sensitivities down to ppbv levels. Numerous of these gasses can too be measured at exceptionally tall levels (a few 10s of a percent) with no weakening necessities. For case, SO2 can be measured down to a couple of ppbv as well as from to 100%. This makes the Unisearch DOAS framework exceptionally adaptable to a client’s needs.

Available Optional Accessories

External Flow-Through Audit Module to check the Performance of The Analyzer.