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LasIR Extractive Gas Analyzer

LasIRTM Laser-based In-situ Gas Monitor For US-EPA (PS-18) & TÜV Compliance (EU-EN 14181), Process Monitoring


Unisearch LasIRTM Gas Analyzer could be a nonstop screen outlined to degree vent gasses for both compliances and prepare to check. The Controller employments a close infrared (NIR) Tunable Diode Laser Assimilation Spectrometer Framework utilizing a single mode laser mounted in a thermoelectric cooler for fantastic precision and execution. Since the ghastly immaculateness of the laser is tall and the chosen assimilation include is one of a kind, estimations can be made free of interferer from any other gas. The estimations are made in‐situ over the stack or channel in either a single or double pass plan (depending upon the application). A Windows-based program bundle shows the information on either a Have tablet PC or the client’s existing information securing framework.

Features & Benefits

  • TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) technology for unmatched accuracy & reliability
  • High sensitivity ppb to percent level measurements
  • One analyzer can be used for up to 16 measurements points
  • Performance designed Process Monitor
  • In-situ: Gas sampling/conditioning not required
  • Corrosive/toxic applications
  • Inline/Offline Audit option available
  • Calibration not required
  • Exceeds US-EPA CEMS Regulation requirements
  • MACT & MATS ‐ PS‐18 Compliant
  • Boiler MACT O2 and CO Compliance
  • Approved Zero & Span Calibration checks
  • Extremely Fast (<1 second) response time
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Ambient conditions from ‐40°C to 70°C
  • Operates in high dust/moisture applications
  • Unaffected by stack/duct alignment changes
  • Laser located in controller allowing for simple signal control and diagnostic access
  • Moisture can be added as a second channel for many species
  • Multi-component​ measurements are available for certain species, i.e. CO/CO2, NH3​/HCN, CH4/C2H6​, H2S/CO2/H2​O
  • Off Stack/Process extractive option
  • Hazardous Area Div I & II options

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Available Optional Accessories

The fiber/Coax power meter for measurement of laser power and signal return power.