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Pseudo In-situ Measurement System

PIMS (Pseudo In-situ Measurement System), is a patented  specially designed optical sensor of LasIR and DOAS gas analyzers.  


Each PIMS includes two units:  The PIMS control box and the PIMS estimation unit. The PIMS control box incorporates temperature controllers, SSR, Solenoid valves, etc. to warm and control the temperature and exchange of discussing stream of the PIMS estimation unit. The PIMS estimation unit incorporates gas inspecting, channel cleansing, a warming gadget, and a multi-pass gas cell. The gasses in a prepared channel or pipe conduit enter PIMS specifically in spite of the fact that inspecting test without customary long examining tube between examining test and estimation cell (or analyzer). In spite of the fact that gas examining is required, its reaction time is near to an in-situ estimation framework. Subsequently the title Pseudo In-situ Estimation Framework. ​A uncommon channel found promptly upstream of the examining test, but still at vent gas temperature, confines particles from entering the estimation cell. Programmed cleanse cycling keeps the channel clean, be that as it may on the off chance that cleaning is fundamental, the channel is effortlessly available and may be cleaned remotely or supplanted in minutes. The PIMS is admirably suited to measurements in which the flue gas-particle loading is too high to allow cross-stack measurements, where access to only one side of a duct is possible, or where regulatory protocols require calibration gases to be introduced into the sample gas stream.

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